Team RaceFace-Nathan Smith

I make everything a competition, I need the challenge to keep me interested. Whether it’s when I played sports in high school, putt putt on a date, or racing, I had to win. I never let my high school sweetheart and now wife beat me at putt putt. She won once and that didn’t sit well. I don’t ever let my kids win but I don’t think I’ll have a say in that much longer. I started racing ATVs in the mid 90’s and enjoyed some success there before hanging up the boots to start a family. I rode my first dirtbike when I turned 35, 6 years ago. It’s been a difficulty challenge that will probably last a lifetime and therefore a passion for life. I really enjoy teaching what I’ve learned so far to other riders eager to improve. My riding school is an extension of my passion for this sport and that’s what drives me to share it with others. There is something special when you see it click in one of your students and they succeed!